So many people have expressed their condolences with kind gifts and cards. It warms my heart. Our house is full of wonderful food, colorful flowers, and cards of care. I wanted to say thank you.

Prayer card from Brother Samp at Palma High School


From Colet, Jack. Ryan and Zackery 

included was a kind monitary gift

from my friend Caroline.

From Doctor Action's office also known as 

Natividad Family Health center


Our friend Judy sent this 

From Audrey & Frank 

From the Rosett's 

 This card came from Danny & Stephanie

Ed and Irma sent this

The Monterey County Family Child Care Association 

we received this beautiful plant


Jan and Cully sent this card.


Pauls work IT @CSUMB sent us this lovely bouquet.

Tops seaside chapter sent this card


Mrs. Brown our neighbor sent us a delicious bunt cake.

A card from the Warwicks


Hospice sent us a card



Marilyn sent us this card with a kind monitary gift 

Marilyn, Susie and Marilyn's Mom and Dad sent us these pretty flowers.

Doctor Kim's office sent us this card.

Elaine Frazier sent us this card and 

generous monitary gift 

Ed and Fran sent us this huge basket of fruit 

and a flowering plant


Suad made us dinner Monday night. She made home made chicken parmesan and garlic herb mashed potatoes. It was delicious.


From our vet.We recieved this card.

Vickie one of my Mothers coworkers sent this card

Edith Johnsen our fourth district supervisor

sent us a very nice letter of condolence.

This card came from Carl & Lauren 

Alexander and Daniels Grandparents.


Heather made a trip to the store for us bringing us toilet paper. An important thing when your out and the store seems so far away.


 This card came from Janet and Deanna at Weight Watchers.

Nancy and Steve sent this card 

From my friend Iris


Thank you all for your kindness